5 axis CNC Milling | CNC Turning | Wire Cutting | Die Sinking | 3D Metal print | Assembly

To produce just one-off part, a few prototypes or short series, Blumeprot offers you the technical solutions to cover all your needs. With a first-class human and productive infrastructure, we can tackle even the most demanding projects, offering a fast, efficient, flexible and precise service. We use the most up-to-date equipment and tailored production for high added-value parts.

14 CNC milling centers 3, 4 & 5 axis | 4 robotic cells | Milling size part X1500 x Y800 x Z600mm | Accuracy 0.01mm | 24/7 running machines

2 CNC turning centers | Turning size Ø380 x 1200mm | Accuracy 0.01mm

2 centers | Part size X300 Y300 Z220 | Accuracy 0.005mm | 30º angle cut

2 centers | Part size X500 Y300 Z300 | Accuracy 0.01mm | Sharp edges for inner cavities

Steel, Titanium, Aluminum & special alloys | High precision, complex geometries, undercuts and hollowed geometries. | One off parts & short run series

Mechanical & electronic assemblies | Bearings, mechanisms and function verifications according to requirements.