Tool finishing | Sandblasting | Tumbling | Brushed | Polished | Anodizing | Chrome Plating | Painting | Laser marking | Ultrasound cleaning | Heat Treatments

Blumeprot offers you different surface finishing technologies for your components as part of its integral manufacturing service. Whatever your needs, we offer you a complete service of technical coatings: protective, aesthetical or enhancing property materials, with high added value for your parts.

Parts delivered with different roughness quality surface according to technical requirements.

Glass bead surface finishing for cleaning and improving quality surface.

Immersion of parts in a drum with abrasives for cleaning, refining surfaces and smoothing sharp edges.

Directional metal sanding to obtain technical and decorative looking surface finishing.

Glossy Finishing for metals and selected plastics engineering.

Technical and aesthetical coating for aluminum parts. Wide range of colors available.

Glossy Chrome coating for protective and aesthetical purposes on metal parts.

Powder & liquid paint for aesthetical and protective purposes. Wide range of standard colors and custom ones.

Long lasting logotypes, references and serial numbers engraved on metals and plastics. Custom engraving for one off parts, prototypes and limited editions.

Technical cleaning without mechanical contact for complex geometries, preserving the quality and surface appearance of the part.

Wide range of metal treatments such as quenching, annealing, tempering and normalizing to improve technical properties of parts.